Le Creuset Cast Iron Frying Pan 26cm Review/Overview

Morning all, this Le Creuset Cast Iron Frying Pan 26cm is my favourite frying pan so I just had to make a review/overview of it. While it is a little heavy the quality of the pan by far makes up for that.

The extra lip makes the pan more manageable and with the resin handle there is no need to worry about burning your self on the handle. It is a beautiful pan and fits well in any style of kitchen, I went for the classic "Volcanic Orange"  with that colour there is no need to worry about being able to get matching extras as its their orginal colour and will always be in production.


Cutter and Squidge Review

If you are a dessert connoisseur then you need to try out one of the trendiest places in Soho, Cutter and Squidgelocated on Brewer street,  has drummed in a lot of publicity due to hosting the pop up Hello Kitty café in their basement.

Using a friend’s birthday as a good excuse to try one of the colourful delights offered on the menu here – I indulged in a Vanilla sundae topped with Matcha syrup, rose petal s and raspberries. This costed £6.50. It was light and refreshing and was nice for a treat as the flavours were so different from my usual scoops.

The shop is also famous for their biscuits called ‘biskie’ which come in an assortment of colours and flavours making them the ultimate fashionistas dessert to enjoy. With a light and fluffy inside, you could also buy a box of 8 for £22.95 (Prices vary per flavour).

I feel the Dream Cakes need to be mentioned as they lure people in with their beautiful designs – alongside all the classics such as vanilla, raspberry ripple, chocolate you have a few with twists such as: LYCHEE KISS, PEANUT BANANA CARAMEL, OMG IT'S GREEN (matcha), these are also available in the free from wheat range. You can buy them in slices or whole cakes for celebrations. I highly recommend the ‘Nutella’ cake for that rich chocolate hit.

It is dearer that the usual café or chain cake shop but you are receiving a taste bud tingling experience. Great venue for dates and lingering moments where you just want to savour each bite in tranquillity.